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GDCR Instructions Page

Instructions for using the GDCR are hosted in the GDCR Guild on BGG.

01 Creating a GDCR Account
02 Adding Your Person Account (For designers, artists, and volunteers.)
03 Setting GDCR Link Preferences (i.e. Linking to BoardGameGeek, VideoGameGeek, etc)
04 Adding a Game to the GDCR (Used when entering a contest.)
05 Adding Categories in the GDCR (Used for either game or person categories.)
06 Editing a Game in the GDCR (Making changes to your game after you've entered it.)
07 Finding Game Info in the GDCR
08 Finding Contest Info in the GDCR
09 Voting in Polls and Viewing Results
10 Logging Plays (Interactions) in the GDCR
11 Final Voting in the GDCR (Similar to #9 but with specific instructions for voting in a contest.)
12 Changing Your Password in the GDCR
13 Linking Digital Versions to Your Game in the GDCR

Help pages are added as frequently as possible. If you need further assistance, please contact chansen2794 on BGG.

Features scheduled for the next update:
1: Editing a Person
2: Adding additional designers/artists to your game
3: Editing the relationship between people and games (i.e. changing a Designer to Designer and Artist)
If you need help with any of the above, please contact chansen2794 on BGG and I will put in the needed changes manually.

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