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Your privacy is very important to me. This site does not collect or use any private data about you. All information collected about games and designers is publicly available on Board Game Geek (BGG) and is only stored here for contest management.

Page views, user browser information, and user operating system infomation is logged for site statistics. This helps me understand site usage and how the site is accessed so that I can make appropriate improvements.

Your GDCR account password is encrypted in the database. Your unencrypted password is never stored anywhere and is not accessible even to the site admin.

Your voting and play data will be collected and shared in aggregate (i.e. how many people played a game, how many votes a game received, etc). Individual responses will never be shared.

Users are in control of their own data, but I reserve the right to edit entries in certain circumstance (i.e. marking an entry as withdrawn if the user has not done so.)

This site is used to manage entries, play counts, volunteer assignments, and voting in BGG community contests. The actual contests and WIP threads are hosted on BGG.

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